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Al Jazeera America
Dec 31, 2013 5:00pm EST
on you and the economy coming to life. that's inside story. ♪ >> hello, i'm ray suarez. 2013 will be remembered as a year of partisan dysfunction in wash despite the threat of default and government shutdown the economy has been showing signs of life. unemployment dropped to its lowest level since president obama took office and since the great recession the federal reserve has been using tools in its toolbox to keep the economy on track. interest rates are still at rock bottom, and the fed kept up its bond by bu buying program. that policy has been the signature of outgoing federal chairman ben bernanke. but the fed will begin to ease off the easing under new chair janet yellen. under this new edition, we'll examine the green shoots of a recovering economy. >> reporter: the federal reserve wrapped up two days of policy meetings and concluded the u.s. economy is strong enough to start tapering the banks investment program known as quantitative easing. >> we'll be purchasing $75 billion a month reducing purchasing of treasuries by $5 million each. >> reporter: the positive sig
Dec 30, 2013 4:00am EST
to speak to you about my book, "mass flourishing." the book is about the modern economies as i call them that arose in a few nations in the 19th century. britain and america are at 1820, later germany and france. economies the remained well functioning through the middle of the 20th century. they were a marvel of the world. i wonder was not so much a high wages and wealth. there was rampant prosperity, material and non-material. mark twain spoke of the drive and push and rush and struggle of the regime, caring, booming 19th century. one kind of prosperity was classical. modern economies were achieving growth of economic knowledge, that's growth of productivity. wage rates and working conditions were constantly improving throughout the economy. a worker could just ride the rising tide, and non-modern economies through trade and technological transfers could tap into that prosperity in order to catch up. another kind of prosperity was modern, and of key importance. there were gains in one's earning power from one's new insights and skills, and gains in one satisfaction from the experiences
Jan 5, 2014 4:00pm EST
the economy falter are limited. given that the short-term interest rates are at zero, i believe it could be costly to withdraw accommodation or failed to provide adequate accommodation. on the other hand it would be important to make sure we do withdraw accommodation when the time has come. my colleagues and i are committed to the longer run inflation goal of two percent. we will need to ensure that as recovery takes home we will bring monetary policy back to normal in a timely fashion. i believe we have the tools to do so. we have been careful to make sure we have the tools available at our disposal and we also have the will and commitment, and i look forward to leading the normalization of monetary policy. >> thank you. >> i would like to follow-up up on the question with you. with regard to quantitative easing, you have indicated you feel as long as the economy remains fragile that we need to continue with the federal reserve. the fed's balance sheet will reach almost 24% of gdp in the first quarter of 2014. i am concerned about the impact on the economy and the unintended consequence
Jan 5, 2014 4:00pm PST
controlled trust fund. >>> will 2014 be the year that the economy finally takes off? joining me now is the former chairman of economic advisers to president obama, allen kruger. thank you for being here today. we've been waiting for this moment. is this the year that we finally kick out of the -- and get into a better growth rate? >> i think we're going to see some pick up in growth this year. we've gotten past a lot of the damage caused by the great recession. i think we've gotten past a lot of the fiscal head winds. >> does that mean gdp at 3% or better? >> i expect it to be in the 3% range and it will build from there. if congress raises the debt ceiling, if europe remains stable and continues to expand a little bit, i think we could see growth in the 3% range. >> that's a lot of ifs that are in that equation. we've thought this before only to have springtime see things fall apart. what's in store for the economy this year? >> i wouldn't say things fell apart. i'd say we've gradually been healing. 2013 was about the same as 2012. given the fiscal adjustment and the end of the pay
Jan 5, 2014 10:00am PST
this year i argued that the economy would recover better than expected. that's basically proved to be true. this year i'm going to make a less clear-cut prediction. 2014 will be the year that china faces a fork in the road. it will revamp its economic system, deal with some of its growing problems and set itself up for another decade of growth and stability. or 2014 will be the year that the great chinese miracle hits a serious road bump, perhaps more. i know, it seems odd to speak of problems an the snead for reform in the world's fastest-growing big economy, but china has built up imbalances in that economy for some years now, and they are not sustainable for much longer. even before the financial crisis, china's top officials were aware that the economy was in premier jiabao's own words, unstable, imbalanced uncoordinated and -- since then in response to the global economic slowdown, china bumped even more bien into the economy. the result is that china's total and public and private debt is more than 200% of gdp, an unprecedented level for any, she wera points out while it took $1 of d
Jan 6, 2014 12:30pm EST
manner? >> well, certainly, it is certainly the case that the economy has suffered over the last year a substantial drag from fiscal policy. cbo estimates that the drag amounts to something like one 1/2% on growth and as we commented in our fomc statement, most recently, taking account of the, that large amount of fiscal drag, the economy, even though it has only been growing around 2%, is showing greater momentum. so i think it is fair to say, and i would expect that if there were less fiscal drag and i hope there will be less going forward, that the economy's growing rate is going to pick up. so that certainly has been a headwind on the economy and something that we've tried to offset. obviously our tools to do so, it is not perfect, not -- >> obviously. government shutdowns, which cost latest estimate, $24 billion, or potential default threats which result in spikes of interest rates sure as heck don't provide that predictability. i want to actually follow up as well where senator tester left off. i have to say someone, along with our friends senator corker were involved with title
Jan 3, 2014 9:00pm EST
the economy continues to strengthen. >> how do you see health care in six months? what republican stop trying to kill it is they will not succeed? >> it is hard to imagine it getting worse. to many people lost coverage. theirny people with prices increasing. it is chaos. on certainty about whether someone is paying for their premium. uncertainty about whether a hospital needs an approval and where they get it from. there are problems that continue with the state exchanges. they are simply going to be too many opportunities politically for republicans to criticize the enormous damage that has been done. it is not a question of obamacare not making the system better, but it has done real damage. republicans offer an alternative? >> they have lots of alternatives. they can make it easier across state lines and make it easier to get access to those had instructed out and parents cess to those policies. there are lots of alternatives and improvements to the system we used to have that republicans have written. unfortunately, obamacare with its state-controlled and centralize control of what has to
Al Jazeera America
Jan 3, 2014 7:00pm EST
to the economy since 2009. and car manufacturing is now one of the leading sectors benefiting from the economic recovery and helping to boost growth. to keep that momentum going detroit needs to adjust to challenging and shifting demographics. more younger people are moving to urban areas and buying fewer cars than previous generations. the big three are trying to innovate and lure more customers in the future. the new solar powered concept car, still analysts expect auto sales in 2014 to slow to less than 6%, and that could mean more competition between automakers and more deals for buyers. jack cane said his family-owned dealership just witnessed it's strongest december sales. jack has been in the auto industry for more than 50 years and join us in kentucky. thanks forgoing us. what has the last year been like for you and your team? >> it's been a record year. we have a small family business, but it's good. it's the best year we've had since '06, and we're looking forward to our best year ever in '14. >> what are consumers saying about why they're there. >> a good many of them are saying what
FOX News
Jan 5, 2014 12:00pm PST
apart from the markets the economy is showing signs, some evidence, that maybe we are getting out of the five-year doldrums here and popping up, finally getting what they call liftoff in more normal growth. what do you think? >> i think this may be the recovery we should have had four, five years ago. but i think we have to be careful because what you have is corporations doing very well. why are they doing well? falling energy prices, a lot of pressure on wages. so they haven't had to raise wages. and they have done quite a bit financial engineering with very low interest rates from the fed. >> they are not -- they haven't been hiring. >> the effect of that is a wealth effect in the stock market. so you have the corporations doing very well. stock market going up. and, therefore, lots of people who own stocks feeling wealthier than they did four, five years i think that the thing to watch here would be business investment capital expenditure. if that starts to look like companies are actually committed to putting more capital to work, then i think we start to see -- then we can s
Al Jazeera America
Jan 3, 2014 3:00am EST
, as economies grew, so have their populations. so, too, have their waist lines. >> the numbers are stark. >> it's a trip lipping of the number of people who are considered overweight and obese in the developing world since 1980, taking the numbers to more than 900 million, and that's more than the number of overweight and obese people in the high-income countries. it was around $570 million. >> two countries are affected. the report points to the abundance food and sugary drinks as problems. it suggests that leading a more sedentary lifestyle and a lack of exercise could be to blame. a fondness for fast food makes it worse. ignorance of what makes is a good diet is another factor. the author's report believes the answer may live in the north-east. >> decades ago they said they had to encourage foods, high in fats and vegetable and seafood. there was a lot of public education, training and a sense that korean food is good. >> the report suggests governments elsewhere should take a leaf out of the book, switching from sea food and salads away from pastries and pasties. if people elsewhere don't s
Jan 2, 2014 6:30pm PST
to an improving economy and stronger dollar but this year investors may be wise to expand horizons. strategist advice to buy multi-nationals in 2014 because better economic data is likely to come outside the u.s. in the coming year. john says if you're going to take a global approach in investing in 2014, stick with consumer discretionary stocks. >> because we're beginning see around the world a development of culture that mimics the u.s. consumer, and just as the consumer led the u.s. markets back, we would expect that will happen both in europe, as well as in asia. >> reporter: which consumer focus companies look attractive? he says nike, mattel, harley davidson and tiffany are some stocks to consider, but be forewarned, several experts caution any type of distress like political dysfunction or security concerns overseas could send investors right back home. for "nightly business report", i'm seema mody. >>> our first market guest for 2014 says there are lots of reasons for investors to be optimistic for stocks this year. chief investment strategist for charles swab and company. move away fr
Jan 5, 2014 7:00am PST
year at this time i argued the american economy would recover better than people expected and that's been true. this year i'll make a less clear cut prediction. 2014 will be the year that china faces a fork in the road. it will revamp its economic system, deal with growing problems and set itself up for another decade of growth and stability. or 2014 will be the year that the great chinese miracle hits a serious road bump. perhaps perhaps. it seems odd to speak of problems and the need for reform in the world's fastest growing big economy but china has built up imbalances in that economy for some years now and they are not sustainable for much longer. even before the financial crisis, china's top officials were aware the economy was unstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable. it needed to wean itself off cheap credit and undergo market reforms. since then in response to the global economic snowdown, china pumped more easy money into its economy. the result according to morgan stanley is that china's totals public and private debt is more than 200% of gdp. unprecedented l
Jan 3, 2014 3:00am EST
of that. something else i want to point out which is good news for the spanish economy, we just got the cdi numbers and. 0.3% increase year on year. that is the adjusted number. 0.9% we expected for the entire euro zone. that means the internal devaluation, the spanish economic recovery story is still working. we are seeing unit prices declining. we are seeing producer prices declining. that is making spanish exports more competitive and it is very good for the spanish economy. one last thing, yesterday's output numbers showed a recovery in december, spanish manufacturing recovering again. good news for 2014. >> and these tentative signs of recovery, are they attracting investors right now? a story in theis financial times today about fcc. george soros has apparently taken 3.1% in fcc. fcc used to be one of spain's biggest building companies. it has been decimated by the construction collapse in spain but george soros's board of stake, we haven't confirmed that yet but it is -- he is following up on bill gates who bought a stake in the same company in october. we have latin american
Jan 5, 2014 6:30pm EST
with how our economy rewards hard work and people take care of themselves and their family. looking ahead to this year, that is one of a number of levels. fighting alongside fast food workers this year, who were hoping for not something totally radical, but for a living wage to feed their families, so that they are not forced to turn to food stamps while working in the food industry, terrible irony that many people do. they're also looking to expand social security rather than to cut it. so the programs that have worked for generations for many americans will be brought peace of mind going into their retirement. and we are already seeing efforts to raise the minimum wage in this country. the minimum wage has not kept pace with inflation. we want to see a wage for people -- that people can actually support their family while working full-time. those are some of the initiatives we will see this year. coming up more imminently, tomorrow, monday we will hopefully see a vote on extending unemployment insurance for the millions of americans who are out of work. the fact that unemployment insura
FOX News
Jan 2, 2014 3:00pm PST
pessimistic about the economy? this is "special report." >>> good evening. i'm bret baier. happy new year. we begin with the position between what the numbers say about the u.s. economy and what you say about it. most recent statistics suggest things are improving. that's not how the public is perceiving it. that's a political problem for president barack obama . white house correspondent wendell is traveling with the president. >> he says one of his top priorities for the new year and understandable why. the jobless rate has steadily fallen. manufacturing continue os to expand and construction spending was up last month again. despite that, the latest cnn polls suggest more than two-thirds of the country think the economy is in poor shape. people on the streets supports that. >> i list 2013 survival mode and flatenning out to normalcy without the crash and big upstake. >> some blame wall street and main street. >> a lot of folks have not gotten old jobs back. if they have gotten the job back, they are not making the money they used to prior to the 2008 recession. >> other experts say white h
Dec 29, 2013 7:30pm EST
think stocks will finish 2014 higher. >> so are you expecting the economy will do just that? >> we are. our base case scenario for 2014 is there is an acceleration of the u.s. economy, maybe going from the 2% trend growth we have seen over the past two or three years to something closer to 2.5 or 3%. i don't think it will accelerate beyond that. while there are a number of factors, the improvement of the job market and higher household wealth that are helping, one factor still missing from the recovery are higher wages. in the absence of higher wages it's hard to see spending accelerate dramatically from here. >> david, what's your take on the economy for next year? >> there are finally signs that next year might be the year that things really get better. every year for the last several about this time of year the forecasters and press and federal reserve says next year is going to be the good one. each year we've been disappointed but we may get our wish. nothing like a 4 or 5% growth we've seen after past, but it would be nice to 2.5 to 3% and that might bring the unemployment rate w
Dec 31, 2013 7:00pm EST
years ago. washington didn't have a thing to do with it. our resilient economy, a free market economy was the big driver. tonight we ask what will the new year bring? now with obamacare kicking in for real in just a few hours washington is going to be interfering more and more in health care and our personal lives in 2014. are america's hospitals, doctors and patients ready for a year filled with medical land mines? i can predict the term income in equality will be the obama democrats chief election year mantra. they say the successful rich are to blame. nonsense. i believe it's family breakup and poor education. we'll debate it later. we got those stories and much more coming up on "the kudlow report," beginning right now. >>> good evening everyone. welcome to "the kudlow report". i'm larry kudlow. we're here live this new year's eve. thank you for joining us. we're wrapping up what was a great year for the stock market. bob pisani has been covering it for us. good evening, robert. >> reporter: a year for the record books. all over the world, the s&p 500 was up 29%, best performance
Dec 30, 2013 9:00am PST
minister ivan is implemented dolled out of onyx to get the economy going again the monetary easing of fiscal spending and a growth strategy aimed at pulling japan out of decades of deflation. now the back of these calls he's of course began has weakened significantly. the dollar traded at a five year high against the yen in tokyo on monday and the euro was the year's highest level in five years it is a japanese car seat. this helped consumer electronic auto and other export related issues earlier i spoke with melty hay strategy at bank of america merrill lynch. i also bought is about this year's pride price movements and the outlook for two thousand and fourteen. in that as of monday was great to have a style of this year. mostly from the benefits and an apple now. all stains the more stable part of a recent markets. mr safe from identity to mark's it was mostly increased by that the amount of expectation and then from gabriel. i sit here on a rule that was inquisition the boj and then the alta leases have started the second copies of the things on its hands. he missed us and use a
Jan 5, 2014 8:30am PST
to turn this around. i want the economy to be good. i want people to be rich and i have nothing against rich people. but the rich are getting richer. the poor are getting poorer, middle class are being squeeze thed out of existence. >> schieffer: a straight out political question here. if the republicans try to fill buster this, so far i think there's only one reapply can't senator that said he's ready to go along with you on this. do you have the votes to block a filibuster on this? >> it seems to me that a bipartisan bill. we have one of the liberal members of the senate and one of the conservative members members. we should extend these unemployment benefits. and they're right. >> schieffer: that's only republican, am i not -- >> the five of us. there's 45 of them. it would seem to me that five republicans in the senate should agree with the republicans around the country. republicans around america want us to do something to extend these benefits. why? because it's good for the economy. it's good for the country. everyone of these people they get one of these checks they spend the
Jan 6, 2014 2:00pm PST
? what studies are out there that show us there is some huge engineering taking place in our economy out there that a family of four is going to say, i'm going to quit looking for a job. he says there are some studies. it is like sometimes these news folks say, some people say. really? give me some names. here we are. the democrats are going to do exactly what they said they were going to do. the fight to help the unemployed in america is heating up as much of the country is in a deep freeze. don't worry. those folks who are losing their unemployment benefits will start a fire in their living room. they'll be okay. we have trains and planes and schedules being disrupted, but those folks will heat their homes no problem. the senate is expected to hold a procedural vote tonight for extending unemployment benefits for americans. i understand that lindsey graham, his plane got diverted. he's not going to be able to make it back for some votes tonight. who knows where this is going to go as the travel schedules are what they are? the states got a little bit higher on extending unemployment be
Al Jazeera America
Jan 2, 2014 7:00pm EST
, so join our live conversation for the next half hour on twitter, and facebook. america's economy is kicking off the new year on solid ground. u.s. factory activity held near a 2.5-year high. also construction spending, reaching levels not seen in almost five years. construction and manufacturing got hit hard in the recession, but both appear to be set to accelerate in 2014. and that's making big news on wall street. the new year's optimism is being fuelled in part by the spectacular return of the stock market in 2013. the dow saw gains of 26.5% for the year, and s&p gained 29.6% for the year. however, both indexes retreated almost 1%, following a negative economic report from china. the success of stocks in 2014 stands in stark contrast to the loss in bonds last year. that's because making money on fixed-income investments is much harder when the federal reserve act to keep interest rates lower. the yield on ten-year treasury bonds, and other loans, rose to 3% last week, the highest in 2.5 years before falling slightly this week, so while the economy appears to be on firm footing
Jan 6, 2014 2:00am EST
-growing economies in the western world. you have unemployment and -- of unemployment falling and economic activity rising. truths andr of hard the government will not be losing the purse strings. tempering andot this is about minimizing the government's role in the economy. incentivizing and hiring more. funded bynot be borrowing and, as we start 2014, really, this is about setting this up for next year. >> it is a big year because the election. despite the improvement in the economy, the conservatives are losing some of their core support, aren't they? >> it seems so. 30% of the voters seem to have supported them in the last election and no longer back the party. one of the big issues is austerity being unpopular. when you ask people if they feel a little bit richer, they will tell you know. there are energy costs and food costs coming down. you may say that the economy is improving to what they are facing is a cost-of-living crisis. what is interesting about that is the 30% of voters who know haver support them, they shifted because of immigration, the other big theme throughout this year. more
FOX News
Dec 29, 2013 11:00pm PST
for the economy or not. i think the minimum wage is something you'll hear the president talk about a lot. it polls extremely well. it hasn't been raised in a very long time. and to put this in the context of income and equality, both of these things do nothing about the root causes of income equality, they only cushion the effects of income and equality. the effects of infrastructure and doing something about the long-term deficit, that is what will get the economy growing. >> senator brown, if, in 2014, which just happens to be an election year, becomes a battle between two competing narrows, the president is pushing income inequality and i'm a champion of the middle class, which worked so well for him in 2012, and the republicans are pushing obamacare and all the problems with big government, and these are the guys who gave it to you and you need to turn them out, which side wins? >> it depends where you live. i think it goes state-by-state. and i think the obamacare disaster is actually contributing to what we're seeing in the economy. businesses are holding back from hiring, there is a lot of
Dec 30, 2013 11:00am PST
is the big story is the u.s. economy. and the recovery we've had especially when we look at the stock market with a 20 it plus up run-up of the dow jones. >>: i think the story that i'm trying to get that is we've been talking about it all year long and slowly seems to be realizing job growth there that should play into 2014. we need to get the 6 percent unemployment and then were happy and content. this should help to drive the market higher. >>: we are learning that katie couric been paid $6 million a year for a part- time job with yahoo. >>: 6 million a year can be on the internet. stop and think about that for a moment. this is a high paid internet celebrity which is good for all of us and the thought that maybe i have a job waiting for me they need to one in finance. if it's bad news for abc and msn b.c. and five all-star going elsewhere. if i think this is a story that benefits netflix. again as we are streaming obverses broadcasting at this point in time and i see that continuing. >>mark: a new survey showing most americans think of that 2014 is going to be flat and we won't see the k
Jan 2, 2014 4:00am EST
an overproduction, if you like. so if we get the significant pick up in the global economy, resources could do better this year. >> but this desire we have central bank liquidity helping and global growth slowing, which is a negative. this year, we might get a reverse, we might get some better global growth. >> yes, that's true. so the central banks should retract and pull back, but the thing is, with so much private money still parked on the sidelines, we may see liquidity surge nevertheless as more money comes back into the market and replaces that central bank money. >> mean wile, india has strapped a $770 million deal with mechanic mechanica. defense officials said they canceled the deal after bribery allegations. they're being tried in italy on fraud and draft charges in connection with the deal. finmeccanica shares are currently flat. >>> still to come, we put questions to the ceo of societe generale. we'll hear what he has to say when we come back in a few moments. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rat
Jan 3, 2014 2:00pm EST
it up a little bit, focus on the economy . i saw you guys give each other a fist bump. start with that and go from there. >> it is about the housing market and how it has been effective by quantitative easing. it makes people feel richer because their 401(k)s are bigger but -- or their houses are worth more. it is distorted right now. you have very low inventory. we have rental securitizations as well. there's more money in that business as well as the fact that you have rising home prices, partially because of those buyers. you have lower inventory, rising prices, and a housing market that is being influenced at the upper level of finance as opposed to a groundswell of people. me like doesn't feel to the same crazy fervor. i am not doing stories on people flipping houses. in 2007 we were getting sent out every weekend. >> those would-be flippers in christ out of the market themselves are institutional buyers who came in knowing they were overpaying for these homes. a lot of distortions going on. home prices are rising. true back in been the day but i don't think it is true o
Dec 30, 2013 4:50am PST
wrote economy is exactly relate to the farm payments. the money which is coming out. and last ten fifteen years we were neighbors too. two golds and good infrastructure and economy. top. and it's very important for us because the pcs also means greek economy. yes good security for afghans. and and you couldn't wait. and all that far and it is a ticket to get bright future for afghanistan the key concessions to the moon said that billions of dollars in foreign aid is moving to blitz a blast the troops completed at large without trouble his gun province to whether he has up to the bus to the eleventh of august on defense all system down the street and died at the ready and caught these on to seven fifteen and flows upstream defence minister said that at the johnston that said twenty five thousand australian batsmen had stuffed in the fun is done with the maximum deployment three to fifteen hundred in his death at one point. approximately four hundred lesson and that remaining in the goddess in training and advice because what the security forces. you know learning. the forty killed
Jan 6, 2014 10:30am EST
. these changes in financial conditions in turn appear to have provided material support to the economy. once the economy improvers sufficiently so that -- improves sufficiently so that unconventional tools are no longer needed, the committee will face implementation and ultimately the design of the policy framework. large scale asset purchases have increased the size of our balance sheet and created substantial excess reserves in the banking system. under the operating procedures used prior to the crisis, the presence of large quantities of excess reserves likely would have impeded the fomc's ability to raise short-term nominal interest rates when appropriate. however, the federal reserve now has effective tools to normalize the stance of policy when conditions warrant without reliance on asset sales. the interest rate on excess reserves can be raised which will put upward pressure on short-term rates. in addition, the federal reserve will be able to employ other tools such as fixed rate, overnight reverse repurchase agreements, term deposits or term repurchase agreements, to the drain bank
Jan 4, 2014 6:30am PST
at the top of the hour. thanks for joining us this morning. >>> the u.s. economy is taking flight. this year, will there be more room in coach? i'm christine romans. this is "your money." the rich got richer in 2013. is 2014 the year more americans share in the recovery? i'm going on the record with predictions for "your money." the economy will again be the big story. the year of economic growth and growing worry that the recovery is not benefitting everyone. the unemployment rate will likely fall below 7%. that is the trend. the real story is the under employment rate. don't expect that to budge as companies hold back on hiring full-time workers. the recently unemployed. they will have a better chance of getting rehired next year. the long term unemployed still face the same problems. congress may reinstate recession long term benefits in the year. the minimum wage will rise in 13 states, but not as high as the $15 an hour that legions of low paying workers are vying for. the stock market may not return as richly as it did in 2013 as the taper is finally here. and mortgage rates will likel
Jan 6, 2014 10:00am PST
or policy goals for twenty fourteen promising to inject fresh vitality into the economy and seek new framework of dialogue with north korea shuffling foreign minister yoon young stayer rinds in washington to courtney policies in north east asia after tensions are running high over territorial disputes rising nationalism and north korea's weapons programs the heels of a massive snowstorm in the western united states race is brett white lightning cold wave that it's worth texas and temperatures plummeting to the lowest in twenty years. the stars and more next month. apartheid era sets might think enduring sick here in korea what it's all i need to pay them some limping so much for joining us. we begin with present its new year's press conference on monday morning which not only held significant weight since it was her first since taking office last year but also because it offered unprecedented openness into the new stations major policy goals of joining us now in the studio or items presidential office correspondence was in jail and dr congo professor of law at university of foreign s
Jan 2, 2014 2:30pm PST
a decade ago are carried out. in particular the political, because the economy is doing well. >> do the decisions you made in 2003 to disband the iraqi army, did they exacerbate this sunni- shia split? what it is clear i made a mistake in how i implemented it. i turned it over to iraqi politicians and it has been a political football ever since, even today. baathista baptist -- military group that is now part of the violence. that has been a problem. again, if you look at where we got to by the end of two dozen nine -- end of 2009, we defeated al qaeda through a counterinsurgency strategy and the economy was working. the problem is to make sure they carry out the constitution. >> the cost has been so high. up to 4500 americans killed, up to half a million iraqis killed depending on what estimate, and over -- trillions of dollars. was it worth it? >> i think so. if you take a long view. we americans and british to be understanding of how hard it is to build democracies. it was 500 years between the magna carta and the glorious revolution. these things take time. people are definitely
Al Jazeera America
Jan 1, 2014 10:00pm EST
months, the full faith and credit of the american economy is on the line. we won't have the drama we had last time. >> we'll talk about boehner in a bit, bad for republicans boy, because of the government shutdown, they improved because of obamacare. president obama those numbers are ugly. starting the year with the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. 55% disprove of his overall job performance. do you see him turning around those numbers in the new year? >> here's the thing antonio, it's hard to get much worse. i think of his perception with the launch of obamacare with the rollout are going to be -- it's hard for him to go lower than that barring some crisis that we can't foresee. but if we keep the context where it is right now at the beginning of december, john podesta came on board at the white house. i have a feeling we are going to see a big difference the way the white house messages. i see podesta taking charge of the way they spin this. and i think listen the president's approval rating is going to be largely dependent on his signature piece of legislation, so signature
Al Jazeera America
Jan 4, 2014 10:00pm EST
of the job he's doing on the economy, 55% disapprove of his overall job performance. do you see him turning around those numbers in the new year? >> well, here is the thing, a antonio, it's hard for him to go -- to get much worse. i think that his perception right now, coming out of all the problems with obama character with the launch of obama care, with the roll out, it's hard for him to go lower than that barring some crisis that we can't foresee. but if we keep the con test where it is right now, you know, at the beginning of december, john came on board at the white house, i have a feeling this year we'll see a big difference in the way this white house messages, pete rouse is going to probably leave, the counselor to the president that's been there for a while. and i see john taking charge of the way that they spin this. and i think listen, i mean, the president's approval rating going to be largely dependent on his signature piece of legislation, so significant that it's got his name on it. so he's going to have to work on selling that. it's an election year is a good way to get it b
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